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Scot Landborg - Retire Eyes Wide Open 

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REWO Season 1

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REWO Season 2

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My name is Scot Landborg – I’m here to help you Retire with your Eyes Wide Open.

That means having the information you need and the clarity you deserve. It means understanding and interpreting the world as it changes. It means knowing about investments, taxes, social security and legacy planning and how they are all connected. And most importantly, it’s about living your best retirement life — the good life!

Listen to the weekly podcast at our website: You can also connect on Facebook, iTunes, or Google Play. Send us a listener question or schedule a consultation for more personalized information. Join me each week as I show you how to Retire with your Eyes Wide Open!

REWO Season 1 Episode 7

13 Question REWO Test

REWO Season 1 Episode 8

Adding Joy in Retirement

REWO Season 1 Episode 9

Advanced Planning Concepts

REWO Season 1 Bloopers

Season 1 Bloopers

REWO Season 2 Episode 1

Social Security Strategies

REWO Season 2 Episode 2

Psychology of Retirement

REWO Season 3 Episode 1

Strategies for Market Fog

REWO Season 3 Episode 2

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