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<em><strong>Sterling: </strong>adjective</em><strong> - &#8220;Of a very high standard or quality&#8221;</strong>

Sterling: adjective - “Of a very high standard or quality”

After much thought and consideration, our firm’s name was carefully chosen because it truly reflects our mission, which is to provide our clients with the Highest Level of quality financial advice and service. In all ways, we continuously strive to have a “Sterling Reputation” with those we serve. Here at Sterling Wealth Partners, we create a signature experience designed to make our clients feel both thoroughly Appreciated and Understood. Every plan is highly personalized. It’s created with only You in mind.

Our firm is based on two principles:

Comprehensive planning where close collaboration with our clients is paramount, and
Having a team who works with you in true partnership, so you can chart the correct course to achieving financial freedom.

<em><strong>Wealth: </strong>noun</em><strong> - "Abundance of valuable material possessions or resources"</strong>

Wealth: noun - "Abundance of valuable material possessions or resources"

The definition of the word “Wealth” can be deeply personal and can have different meanings to different people. For some, being wealthy may mean accumulating enough resources to have financial independence, or to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle during retirement. For others it may mean instilling family values, giving back to one’s community, or leaving a legacy for one’s family.

Whatever your definition may be, our goal is to help you Grow, Protect, Preserve, and ultimately Pass On to your loved ones whatever your wealth is. We do this through a Comprehensive Approach which incorporates and addresses both Emotional and Financial aspects into your customized plan.

<em><strong>Partners: </strong>noun</em><strong> - &#8220;A person who does or shares something with another&#8221;</strong>

Partners: noun - “A person who does or shares something with another”

We here at Sterling Wealth Partners truly want to be your Dedicated Partner in helping you chart your own course to achieving this wealth. This is accomplished by having a deep understanding of your current financial landscape and what your financial goals and objectives are. We achieve this by using a multi-step planning process ensuring that we have a complete and accurate picture before making any determinations or suggestions regarding a course of action.

We also take very seriously the meaning of the word Partnership at our firm. We have a culture of collaboration and use the combined knowledge and experience of the entire Sterling Wealth Partners team to provide you with customized financial advice.

<strong><em>Sterling Wealth Partners:</em> &#8220;A Firm Dedicated to the Highest Quality Advice &#38; Service&#8221;</strong>

Sterling Wealth Partners: “A Firm Dedicated to the Highest Quality Advice & Service”

Experienced and professional— financial advisors use a holistic approach to ensure that every aspect of your financial life is addressed. This includes Investment Management, Retirement Income Planning, Social Security Strategy, Risk Management, Tax Strategy, Financial Estate Planning, and Legacy Planning.

Our goal is to deliver a Sterling experience from start to finish—to ensure clients get the attention and service they deserve. We are dedicated to our profession and committed to improving and adapting our strategies to optimize the client experience.

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