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S3.E1 - Retire Eyes Wide Open (REWO) -  Strategies for Market Fog

S3.E1 - Retire Eyes Wide Open (REWO) - Strategies for Market Fog

June 16, 2023

I am thrilled to introduce Season 3 of our Podcast, Retire Eyes Wide Open (REWO)!

Join us as we discuss,  Strategies for Market Fog!

Do you know how to deal with market conditions that are not clear? 
Are you questioning if the market is going higher or lower? 
Do you know how to build a plan when the world seems so uncertain?

In this 40 minute episode, we talk about dealing with an uncertain market when visibility is cloudy and the importance of making incremental progress.  

Stay tuned for the end where we answer some listener questions live!

REWO S3E1: Strategies for Market Fog

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